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Takeda Oncology 1Point overview

Supporting your patients is our specialty

Takeda Oncology 1Point is a comprehensive support program committed to helping patients taking NINLARO® (ixazomib) navigate coverage requirements, identify available financial assistance,* and connect with helpful resources throughout their therapy.

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Tools and resources for NINLARO® (ixazomib)

Healthcare professionals

NINLARO dosing guide
A comprehensive look at NINLARO dosing, including dose modifications, instructions for safe handling, and adverse events data.

Adverse Event Management With NINLARO
A snapshot of the NINLARO safety profile with information on managing symptoms and dose modifications.

For your patients

Treatment Calendar
Have your patients track their individual treatment schedule by filling out this calendar.

NINLARO 1Point Enrollment Form
An interactive PDF to help your patients get started with NINLARO 1Point.